Public Notary
Henryka Jastrząb

A notary public as a person of public trust provides deeds defined in the Notary Public Law and other polish legal acts, if the notary form is required or result from the will of parties. In specific circumstances notarial acts may be performed outside the Office i.g. because of health or condition of the party. A notary public acts deeds in polish but may additionally perform a notarial act in a foreign language with the assistance of a sworn translator.
A notary public charges fees: court fees and notarial fees and taxes: tax on civil law transactions and inheritance and donation tax. In order to determine individual and total fees, required documents and more details concerning the planned deed please contact our Office directly via e-mail. Henryka Jastrząb has been serving as a notary public since 1995 and running a notarial office in Kraków since 2001.

Working hours

Monday - Friday 10:00 - 16:00


Public Notary Henryka Jastrząb
osiedle Jagiellońskie 19
31-834 Kraków
(next to Arka Pana church)